Jojoba Oil

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PINKWONDER's jojoba oil contains the energy of Israel's top-grade golden
jojoba seed oil.
It provides abundant moisture and nourishment to all skin types, and can be safely used even on sensitive skin.

▪︎ Improvement in skin moisturization with just one use
▪︎ Improvement in transepidermal water loss with just one use
▪︎ Improvement in skin exfoliation with just one use
▪︎ Anti-dryness effect with just one use
▪︎ Three-layered moisturizing effect with just one use
▪︎ 72-hour moisture holding with just one use
▪︎ Protection against moisture evaporation with just one use
▪︎ Improvement in skin barrier with just one use
▪︎ Tested for low skin irritation
▪︎ Free from harmful substances.

How To Use:
▪︎ Apply 3 to 4 drops immediately after cleansing your face and gently absorb into your skin.
▪︎ For dry skin types, apply 3 to 4 drops of Jojoba Oil after preparing the skin with Jojoba Toner.
▪︎ For intensive moisturizing, mix 2-3 drops into your base product as your last cream step or makeup step.

Q - If I use an oil as the first step in my foundation, will it help my next step products absorb?
A - Pink Wonder's Jojoba Oil can be used as the first step in your foundation because it has a structure that most closely resembles sebum, so it penetrates quickly and helps your next step products absorb. (If you need a scrub, try our Jojoba Mochivation™ Cream Mask to prep your skin).

Q - I have very oily skin, is it okay to use an oil?
A - Yes. Oily skin can also be prone to an imbalance of oil and water, which can lead to excessive sebum production and clogged pores in an attempt to prevent moisture from escaping. Jojoba oil helps to moisturize the skin and prevent excessive sebum production.

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Jojoba Oil